Architects and Designers

Make is a studio of highly creative and talented architects and designers who have acquired considerable professional experience designing advanced, complex and iconic buildings. The practice was founded by Niklas Heino and has established itself as one of the Sweden is foremost architectural firms, with studios based in Sweden , UK and Beijing.

Worldwide Projects

We are engaged in a broad selection of projects worldwide, ranging from large-scale urban masterplans to luxury private houses. Make is a 100 per cent employee-owned organisation; each member of staff shares in the profits each year. This unique business model engenders a genuine sense of ownership and entitlement, creating an egalitarian working environment with a united sense of purpose and commitment. As a result, we are able to attract - and keep - the very best architectural talent. We have created an environment where preconceptions do not limit innovation and creativity is not stifled by hierarchy. These values generate a stimulating working atmosphere in which our teams are able to produce exciting, ground-breaking buildings that enhance the lives of all who use them.Each Make project is the result of a meticulous, in-depth design process, regardless of its context, size or scope.